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The virtual one-on-one networking platform!


CafeSocial.io Mixer

Want to build a sense of belonging?

With your virtual event?
In your team?
In your community?

CafeSocial.io Mixer can help you create a sense of belonging!

Do you enjoy...

... large group virtual networking?

Round the table introductions?
The same people dominating the discussion?
Most people not paying attention?

CafeSocial.io Mixer

Helps you create virtual events where all your participants get connected in one-on-one video chats.

After each call, the participants will be immediately matched to new participants.

Simplicity by design

Pick a date and time
Setup the meeting

No moderation required!
No scheduling back and forth!
No profile creation!


Unsure? Create your first event for just $1 with the CafeSocial.io Mixer Trial!

Recurring Starter


  • Up to 4 Events
  • Up to 30 concurrent users
  • Maximum 60 minutes
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Recurring Pro


  • Up to 4 Events
  • Up to 60 concurrent users
  • Maximum 120 minutes
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  • Custom number of users
  • Custom duration
  • Custom frequency
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Many people are struggling to build and maintain both personal and professional relationships in today's fast-paced society, despite having more opportunities to connect with others than ever before. Over time, this difficulty can result in feelings of loneliness and isolation and have serious impacts on one's mental and physical health.

The root causes of this struggle and loneliness are complex. Increased use of technology and social media has led to a decrease in face-to-face interactions, while busy lifestyles and longer work hours make it difficult for people to find time for socializing and building professional networks. The decline in local community and social connections, as well as increased mobility and geographic separation from friends and family, also contribute to this challenge.

At CafeSocial.io, we believe that everyone deserves to have close and supportive relationships, both personal and professional. That's why we're dedicated to building tools and communities where people can connect on a deeper level and form lasting relationships. Whether you're looking for new friends, seeking to strengthen existing ones, or building your professional network, our goal is to create a safe and supportive environment where you can thrive.

We believe that by investing in fighting loneliness and building these communities, we can help to improve the lives of people everywhere and create a more connected and supportive world. So if you're looking for a place where you belong, can connect with others, build meaningful relationships, and grow both personally and professionally, we invite you to follow our journey.

Meet the Team

Pascal Bovet

An engineering leader with 20 years of experience specialized in building new products and teams from scratch, with a proven ability to drive transformational change in direction and strategy. Led multiple ideas from concepts to prototypes and launches, and has experience leading teams with company-wide responsibilities and impact and passion for building teams with high sense of belonging and inclusion, and also has prior experience as Technical Program Manager, Product Manager, and Product Owner at companies like Google, Robinhood and Swisscom.


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